Ramble On


Camp California


1. Tent

2. Water

3. Main Foods 

4. Main Snacks ie: chips, cereal, haribo gummy bears

5. BEER,BEER, BEER or wine for you fine folk


dont feed the bears.

squirrel fleas can kill

Headlamps are really nice too. 

Vancouver. Damn

TO the CITY.

What a lovely day.

Start your morning off with a hearty breakfast. 

It makes for no excuses while you are walking around the city. 

Eat. Eat a lot. 

Seafood is great. They keep the streets clean. 

Look fancy, cause other people do. 

Ketchup potato chips are pretty good. 

Leave your car parked out of town, it saves from having to wake up at 8.

Make friends. Get drunk. Tell stories. Repeat. 

tell me how it goes

On the Train to Seattle
amtrak portland seattle loo loves you-2.jpg

Catching the Amtrak from Portland to Seattle?

Book early, look for amtrak coupons, middle of the week.  Save that money for you and your loved one

Hungry? Eat before you get on the train. Maybe bring snacks.

Non-smelly snacks.

When your trai-neighbor gives dirty looks, you'll know its not cause of your food. 

Don't settle for the kosher hot dog. It looks dead. 

You may be able to do without snapchat, nobody wants to be in your story

regardless how weird they may look. 

Use the handicap amtrak bathroom at least once in your life. 

It might be worth the story sometime later down life's line. 



Lost in Tokyo: food

TSushima Ramen


don't stress, the technique

to the man who spent his life on the path of perfect ramen..My tummy and I thank you dearly
— happy

Miso ramen with char siu thats not red. 

Broth with enough umami to make the dogs salivate

Shoyu pork topped with dried seaweed on a bed of aromatic rice.

At most, youll fit 6 people in here. So don't bring your friends. 

We all hungry. 

Hours Open: 11:30- 21:30

Phone: +81 3-5828-3181