winter pandeia holiday fashion-2.jpg

baby its warm outside

Few brews in the can. 

Few ladies and gents on the porch. 

Singing drunk melodies to the sunset

its 68 degrees high into humidity. 


Winter promotion look book shot for Pandeia Sundial Watches

Styling: Kelsi V.

Model: Molly B.

For my Friends

Cold nights with cold brews. 



is what makes 

the blade holy

Playing music on the mountain for our to hear. 

i hold onto these memories

to get me going past a different space. 



Location: Kula,Maui

Temp: 68°

Music selection: Deep Electro House

Girl with the faun

Shot on a wonderful morning at Lily Meola's home. 


A wonderful musician, an amazing creative and a very kind soul. 

This fawn was given a second chance when her mother had died. 

Adopted into the Meola residence, this baby deer has a place she can call home.


Model: Lily Meola

Styling: Brooke Larson

Sable Rogue

In life, be nice


In the winter of Japan'15

Some canadian girl in some yellow rain coat

wants a smoke. On way to Austrailia

for one year. Two Bags. Government job on pause.

Layover in Japan, you either sleep on the floor


go to

Shibuya Crossing.

Where you find two Maui boys 

with more to gain then lose. 

"Cut scene" 

Traded a smile for some friends on an island. 

They dealt that if you come you will explore. 

Explore she did.


Model: Aviana Suicide

Location: Maui,HI

Minutes of Rick Ross played: 32

Close call car crash: 2



Yellow Flower

Oh. Sweet Flower.

Wonderful morning on a private Haiku, Maui Estate. 

Early morning coffee. The smell of rain reminds me of Bend, Oregon. 

Fashion photography is here.


Model: Anna Hallsten

Styling: Brooke Larson

Product: Salt on the Rocks