Double jeopardy


What is...

The meaning of the words I say

What is...

Revolving around the neuro

What is...

the gentle clasp

What is....

The twisting of hair

What is....

a bite to remember

What is....

what is...

This feeling,



Of uncertainty for the next

What is...

this motional emotional


Following the path of most resistance


Hues of red that imprint

Onto my next glass of coffee


I think it's the,

I know that it's the.....


Don't call me crazy


I'm gonna let you guess it one time.

So be careful


I've let this happen and

I'm in love with every nano second that falls

Between every micro second that

Fills the in betweens




don't have me say it


What is....


A more amor than you could every imagine in 3 lifetimes


Garlic bun to keep this roman vampire at bay


what is.....


La Bella...