Black Rock Hotdoggies

Principal #2

Whats the smell over there?

Burning 2018,

Manifest and manifest hard. While walking through the desert look for the lines of people. They are probably waiting for something in your near future. The three blind mice make their way. Eating eating dogs with my dogs. Cheers to these meat filled buns and secret sauce.

PS. Reconsidering the two second rule on the playa

Three Blind Mice
jose loo loves you

deep playa finds

a few ticks above 10:00

to the outer layers of the onion.

Burning man 2018,

Yondering towards the first installment into the nowhere. What seemed like just any other piece. A set of layers. A mouse trap chandelier. Into the inner workings, the noble, prized burning man patch. Spring layer traps guarding the novelties as a dragon would a princess. Breathe your stinging pain of pinch. This princess. This patch, is mine.

Note to self. Water follows the path of least resistance. Don’t be like water.

Burning Man 2018Lou
On Table Top

This Island Earth


This Island Earth Workhouse Bend Oregon (21 of 27).jpg

The Workhouse

50 SE Scott St #6, Bend, OR 97701

The air here looks a bit different.

Artist energy fills the room, leaving you with a sense of creativity.

One long table top sets the scene on for this intimate show. 

Eli from This Island Earth played to all the senses.

Twas a good night. 

Back of House

Hotel Wailea x Senia

its more than just food. 

Jonathan Mcmanus

Chris Kajioka

Anthony Rush

Cultivating the finest dining expierience

With passion comes quality.

Refined palatte, distinguished taste, and love




Dance on...


Bend Oregon Winterfest 

In Bend, Be Nice, Oregon

Coolio, noodle carts, 10 Barrel Beers. 

Dance to the Byrd, feel the funk.

No one is watching. 

Have fun



Corey Parnell

Casey Parnell

Lonnie Chapin

Michael Summers

Andy Warr

Derek Williams


This Island Earth
this island earth eli

Support Local Music

This Island Earth at the Volcanic Theater Pub

Bend Oregon


Monsieur Carmack


No reason to cry over spilt beer, 

but if you missed this event, id think twice about where my priorities lie. 


Sharing this amazing space at Cassanovas in Kula, Maui Hawaii. 

Mr Carmack literally blew the termite dust off the structures. 

The tightest community all jam packed into a small room. 

A special thank you to Tasty Pie Productions for hosting the event.

And definitely to the Maui UBF Fam that kept everyone pre seasoned for the beginning beats.

For my Friends

Cold nights with cold brews. 



is what makes 

the blade holy

Playing music on the mountain for our to hear. 

i hold onto these memories

to get me going past a different space. 



Location: Kula,Maui

Temp: 68°

Music selection: Deep Electro House

What can dufur do for you?



A few hours in the Pacific North West

A few hours away from Portland, Oregon

Grab your overpriced REI Tent and your 30 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

One of the newer festivals that are coming about, and its pretty awesome. 

The weirder you get the better, cause thats the only way you'll make friends here. 

Bring your fun time and ill bring mine. 

Oh, and a raincoat. Cause unlike Hawaii, it rains here. 

And don't volunteer for security, unless you want a hippie sabotage karate chop. 

Time frame: Weekend

Camping: Yes

All the good stuff: Heck Yes

Cellphone Service: No