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Story Telling


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     Film is not dead. The aesthetic will stay true. Like that old pair of ripped jeans or your first car. Between the cracks of imperfection is what truly complies to one of kind. LOO LOVES YOU looks to capture that aesthetic. That Feeling. Within this evolving, modern, contemporary space. Every collection excites. Every moment exhilarates. Like christmas morning or that millisecond of space before a first kiss. Our goal is to have that picture speak. Our goal is to capture that everlasting memory. 

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Motion.To survive, humans had to be aware of threats. Particularly, threats that moved. We evolved our eyes to be sensitive to motion. To survive.

Emotion. Fear,grief, rage and love. Primal instincts programmed in our genes through vast years of evolution. Separated from the neocortex, responsible for conscious thought, reasoning and decision making. Emotions, controlled by the limbic system, are often irrational and illogical. Exclusively instinctual.  

Feelings. The mental relation and reaction to an emotion. 

Video does great in communicating motion and emotion. Humans remember good stories with value geared towards our feelings. Loo Loves You longs to capture the feeling. The biological human element thats stays genuine.

We long to tell a story worth remembering. 


How Can We Tell Your Story?

Do we share the same vision?

It would be our greatest  pleasure to help.

We could get some coffee.

What form of storytelling are we going to make love to hear about it. 

your dream.

id love to tell your story. 

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